September 21, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Next week at this time I will be making my first trip to Alabama to fish the American Fishing Series Event on Pickwick Lake in Florence, AL.  I have always wanted to fish Alabama, it's the epicenter of tournament bass fishing (sorry Florida).  I am especially excited since this lake should fit right into my style.  Big reservoirs and big smallmouth bass.  Even though I am now living in Florida, I am a light line smallmouth type of guy.  Sure I can do well fishing with the big stick and braided line and also can hold my own with the frog.  But, drop-shotting, Carolina-rigs, and a shakyhead are right up my alley.  

From what I have heard, it's not just smalmouth fishing.  You can really do whatever fits your style up there and still catch fish; largemouth, smallmouth and even spots.  I have been looking into the Angling Technologies map software at the lake and it looks like a big, deep river.  My head is spinning thinking of what to bring, but here are my predictions for what I'll be using:

  • 1/2 oz football jig like I used to throw all the time in Washington State.  I'm thinking green-pumpkin.
  • Drop-shot with a Folkestad Special Roboworm.  (Haven't found a state that this doesn't work)
  • Carolina-rig with a baby brush hog.
  • Topwater walking bait like a Paycheck Repo Man
  • Mid-depth crankbait in a shad pattern

We'll see how my predictions hold up, but I have a feeling at least a few of these will play a role.  
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