October 3, 2010

The American-Stren-EverStart Fishing Series

Just a few days ago I fished an American Fishing Series Event on Lake Pickwick in Alabama.  This is a great series and has some really good fishermen from several states competing against each other. I first fished the EverStart series back in 2003 when I was living in Nevada, then a few years later I fished the Stren Series.  It's all the same series, just with a different name.  These great tournaments have sort of an identity crisis.  Having worked in marketing for a few years, I see this is a problem with branding.  I know sponsors come and go, but I always have a hard time explaining to people what event I am headed off to.  I typically just call it the Stren Series because some people don't even know they switched the name before this season.  The reason I am even writing this is because of something that happened at Pickwick.

At the pre-tournament meeting, the FLW officials had a print out of the tentative schedule for 2011.  The schedule was great; it starts on Okeechobee, then to Guntersville, Eufala, and Pickwick.  The year finishes with a Championship on Kentucky Lake.  All of this is good news, back to four events, and an entry-free championship.  This year they have an Invitational, but you have to pay to fish even if you qualify.  The schedule is great but the reason I am bringing this up is because on the tentative schedule had "EverStart Series" written right on the top.

I asked the FLW crew if it was going back to EverStart, but they said they didn't know.  I went back a few minutes later to show my buddy, and the second sheet, which was stapled to another sheet was gone.  This is interesting to me.  Wal-Mart is back with FLW and plans to make them "better than ever", EverStart is Wal-Mart's battery brand, and now this.  Maybe this was leaked information, or maybe the FLW crew is just as confused as the rest of us about what to call this series.  I guess we will have to wait and see.
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