October 1, 2010

My Pickwick Lake Experience

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Florence, AL and I don't want to go back to Florida.  Alabama is awesome and the fishing here fits my style perfectly.  I ended up finishing 21st Place in the American Fishing Series event with a two day total of just under 18 pounds.  Overall, the fishing was slow compared to how it usually is on this lake.  I weighed in almost ten pounds yesterday and eight pounds even today.  

Day 1, I drew a semi-local who lives in TN and fishes here quite a bit.  I actually drew him last year in the BFL Regional on Lake Seminole (What are the chances of that?).  He is a great guy and I hope to draw him again.  We were fishing offshore structure, creek channels, ledges, etc.  I caught a quick limit on a drop-shot and then slowly upgraded all day with a jig and carolina-rigged brush hog.  I thought I had around eight and a half pounds and was pleased to see they almost weighed ten pounds.  I ended the day in 19th.

Day 2, I drew a partner who was sitting in 10th place after catching 15 pounds on Day 1.  I was really excited about my chances to do well.  He said we would be fishing shallow grass all day with Skinny Dippers (sounds alot like Florida to me).  I caught one on a Skinny Dipper in the morning and he had four at around 9 a.m.  For some reason I didn't have a Speedworm tied on, and decided to switch to it.  On my second cast I caught a two pound fish.  I was upset I didn't think of it earlier when the bite was on in the morning.  I then caught one on a crankbait, and a few hours later caught two on a carolina-rig.  Then two more on the Speedworm.  Today was much slower for us as we both had around eight pounds.  

Overall, I am really happy with my finish.  I wish I would have done better, but feel good that I caught two limits and got a check.  My only disappointment about the trip was that I didn't catch any smallmouth while I was here.  I saw some big ones weighed in, but never hooked one.  I plan to come back to Pickwick as soon as I can and would love to live closer to this area, it's beautiful and the fishing is great.

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