November 17, 2010

Some Cool New Sites to Check Out

I have come across some great new sites/blogs lately and thought I'd share them with everyone. brands themselves as "#1 in Fishing Information and Entertainment".  The site is cool and has some great product reviews and How-To's.

The Average Joe Fisherman is "A fishing blog by three average fishermen".  While the guys themselves might be average, the blog is well above average.  The layout and content is great and even the trout articles are interesting to me as a die-hard bass fisherman.

Just Fishing Tips .com is another great blog I found lately.  Really it's a great site, and just like the name suggests, it's about fishing tips.  The tips are about all species and should appeal to anyone who fishes.
Check out these sites and see what they have to offer, just don't forget about me after checking them out.  
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