November 18, 2010

Denali’s Noirwood Series Now Available

Denali Rods just released the Noirwood Series of rods, thetop of the line for this new rod company. Denali is still fairly new but has beengetting plenty of attention with their unique and stylish fishing rods. They have signed a great Pro-Staff and promiseto be a major player in the fishing rod category. Here is what they have to say about theNoirwood:

With the Noirwood series of rods from Denali,our goal was to offer today's angler the most sensitive rod on the planet.Everything from the tip to the butt is designed with sensitivity in mind, andthe end result is the highest caliber fishing rod on the market today. TheNoirwood series offers the angler the absolute finest rod built from only thefinest components ... assembled within the hands of America’s Rod Craftsmen.

The textillium graphite handles will actually let you feelmore fish because it will conduct vibrations from the blank, whereas cork andEVA actually desensitize it.

Noirwood guides carry forward this same demand for thetransference of sensitivity. ALPS Light XN guides are 28% lighter and are madewith SS316 Stainless Steel providing strength and corrosion protection. Thisrecessed ring design creates an enhanced glue surface between the ring andguide frame for better durability.

Noirwood blanks feature our highest modulus graphitematerial and unique technique-specific actions and tapers. The foundation is a"High Modulus / High Strain Rate" fiber combined with the lightestfiberglass scrim available. Imagine being able to feel every single bite andbeing able to feel the subtle differences in bottom hardness when jig fishing.This series of blanks offers what we believe to be the pinnacle of Bass blankdesign.

The rear grip features a Ergonomic split-grip systemproviding a positive grip with increased weight reduction. Foregrips are madefrom an exotic stabilized hardwood.
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