November 21, 2010

Trokar Hooks: Does the Hook Live Up to the Hype?

I just found a great review of the Trokar Hooks by Chris from Thoughts of a Christian Bass Fisherman. It's a pretty detailed review and showcases the hooks positive and negative qualities. Check out the review and also check out his blog when you get a chance.

Trokar Hooks: Does the Hook Live Up to the Hype?
By: Chris Mcdonald
All anglers have faced the challenge of setting the hook on a fish, and coming up empty handed. At times we don’t set the hook hard enough, which allows the fish to come free from the hook. Trokar has come out with the sharpest fishing hook on the market to help us catch more fish. Trokar hooks are surgically sharpened and allow an angler to set the hook with less force. The three sided cut makes the hook sharpening process different from all other hooks on the market and allows an angler to set the hook with less force and still have a better hook up with that fish you are fighting.

I have always been a Gamakatsu hook man, but when I got a call from Eagle Claw to test out the new Lazer Trokar hooks, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. When the hooks arrived, the first thing I did was get in touch with Shaw Grigsby, one of the pros who helped design the hook shape and someone who uses Trokar hooks exclusively.

Grigsby told me that no matter how many fish you catch with it will never dull. To be honest I wouldn’t believe it if I had not put the Trokar hook to my own test. I took the Trokar TK 130 flipping hook and drove the point into a block of wood repeatedly. Then I took the same hook and used it to pitch and flip with. The hook still set easily into the mouth of the bass. According to tests, the Trokar hook needs less force to set the hook. This has shown in my own fishing experience. It seemed that every bass I caught on the Trokar hooks set themselves, even when pitching and flipping.

The high carbon steel that is used to make the hooks show it’s strength and stands up to the toughest logs and still comes back in the same shape as when you started. The Trokar B.A.R.B. works wonders as well. It holds the plastic in place, securely like nothing I have ever seen. With two barbs it keeps the plastic in place better then just one barb like on other hooks. This allows you to spend less time pushing your soft plastic back into place between casts. With 11 types of hooks there is a Trokar hook for every application.

Trokar hooks are also being used by lure makers as well. Wayne of Atomic Tackle Company ( even offers hand poured jigs with Trokar hooks you can order casting jigs in 3/8, ½, 3/4 and 1ounce with these awesome Trokar hooks.

There are drawbacks with the Trokar hooks. According to Grigsby “You can’t use the Trokar hooks for practice”. The reason for this is because you will not be able to shake the fish loose before getting it back to the boat. There is also the price of the hooks. A package of four hooks runs around $10. If you consider how sharp the hooks are and the fact that I have not lost a fish using the hooks, it is money well spent in my opinion. I believe that the hook lives up to what Trokar says, and that ten dollars may be the difference of winning a tournament or losing it. In that case, does the ten dollars really make a difference?

Now that I have tried the Trokar hooks and seen what they can do, I know that I cannot go back. The point on the hook is too good and there is nothing like it out there. So if you want a better hook up ratio and want to lose less fish, do yourself a favor and go get some Trokar hooks today.

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