November 20, 2010

Lake Okeechobee is Awesome Right Now

Spent the day fishing on Lake Okeechobee with my buddy Russ in his brand new Charger boat. That boat was perfect for rough water and just overall "fishability". I had never been in one and was really impressed. The fishing was pretty good as well, we caught a bunch of fish on basically anything we wanted to throw. The Okeechobee standbys: Speedworms, Ribbit frogs, Senkos, Skinny Dippers and Sweet Beavers all produced for us. We caught some decent fish and thought we would have had around 15 pounds for our best five. I caught my biggest fish flippin' on my first cast after I switched colors and baits; call it good instinct or just plain luck. We knew that 15 pounds was just about average for the Big O right now and after watching a weigh-in we realized we need to step it up a little bit if we fish a big tournament over there anytime soon. The leaders had around 28 pounds and there were several bags in the 20-25 pound range. Man, this lake is on fire right now. By the way, we did see beds and even caught bed fish today and it's not even December. Can't wait for my next trip over there!
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