December 19, 2010

The Best Place to Catch a Bass

You might have heard this one before; the best place to catch a bass is where you just caught one. I have made it a habit in the last few years to cast to the same area after catching a fish. The theory makes sense because there might be more than one fish in the area. Tonight was a perfect example of why this is a good thing to do. I was fishing in backyard canal this evening and the fishing was slow, in fact I didn't have a bite. I hit all my usual hot spots and came up empty. I contemplated going back in and getting out of the wind to have dinner.

I was ready to leave but made one more random cast and immediately saw my line jump well before the drop-shot hit the bottom. I reeled the fish in and made an identical cast. Fish number two. Reeled it in and repeat. Fish number three. I continued to catch fish after fish and caught nine bass in twenty minutes. It was crazy and I couldn't believe what was happening. Somewhere in between fish I lost my Roboworm and re-rigged. Instead of fishing it wacky-style like I was doing before, I rigged it Texas-style. I didn't have a bite for three or four casts so it was back to the wacky and back to catching fish. Lesson number two for the day. Pay attention to what the fish want and if it's working, don't change it!
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