December 4, 2010

Fishing the Ultravibe Speedworm

My favorite bait this year has been the Zoom Ultravibe Speed Worm. I have done really well with it and decided to write something up about how I fish it.

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Fishing the Ultravibe Speedworm:

Everyone seems to have one bait that they can always count on, one they know will catch fish. Some would call it your confidence bait. Without a doubt, my confidence bait is the Zoom Ultravibe Speedworm. If you are not familiar with the bait, it’s basically a paddle tail worm with a slit cut in the tail. The tail is key to everything about this bait and the action is second to none. It comes in two sizes, the 5 ¾ inch version and the Magnum 7 inch version. Since it’s made by Zoom, the color selection is diverse and proven.

My favorite is the regular sized version in Junebug. This year, the Ultravibe did very well for me and caught both numbers of fish as well as big fish for me. I had the great fortune of being Angler of The Year in the BFL Gator Division on the Co-Angler side and it was almost all because of the Ultravibe Speedworm. Each tournament, it played a big role and caught fish for me.

When it comes to fishing with this worm, the techniques and applications are endless. My favorite way to go Ultravibin’ is to fish a 5 ¾ inch size worm with a 3/0 Owner Offset worm hook and a 3/16 oz Eco Pro Tungsten weight on 15 pound Seaguar IvizX. In Florida, we are blessed with lakes that are full of a variety of grass species; Kissimee Grass, Reeds, Hydrilla, Lily Pads, Pepper Grass and more. All of these places are good places to start, but anytime you have a mix of grass you increase your odds. I like to focus on sporadic patches of grass and reel it slowly over the grass and let it fall in between the holes in the grass. Let it sink and then start reeling again. For Lily Pads and Reeds, I like to yo-yo the bait between the deeper stalks. If you have ever fished a swim jig, it is the same concept. The fish will tell you what retrieve they want that day, so adjust to what they want.

Besides the standard Texas-rig and sinker, the Ultravibe can be fished in many other ways. For the Magnum sized bait, I like to fish it weightless and reel it on top of the water like a soft plastic frog. The tail creates a great buzzing action and the fish will really attack the bait. Because the bait is so thick, casting this bait without a weight is effortless.

Another way to fish this bait is on the Carolina-rig and I have done very well with the smaller size attached to a C-Rig and ½ oz weight. The bait design allows the bait to be fished in numerous ways and I still haven’t found a way that didn’t work.

If you are looking for a new confidence bait, or maybe just a new way to catch fish; try the Ultravibe Speedworm and hold on.

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