January 9, 2011

The Big O Today

The Fort Myers Bass Club held it's annual championship today and I was fortunate to take 4th Place.  I didn't do that well by my standards, but still managed to get a check with less than eight pounds.  The winner had 22lbs with a 8.5 pound big fish!  That is quite a statement considering the cold fronts that came through and the fact that the EverStart Series just wrapped up.  Those guys, the college anglers and all the local tournament anglers have been fishing it for weeks. 

As far as the actual fishing, I actually caught quite a few fish today.  I was on a roll catching small fish for most of the day but was having trouble finding any good ones.  Same old story for me on Okeechobee; a Zoom Ultravibe Speedworm and 3/16oz Eco Pro Tungsten weight.  I did try my three new baits but didn't give them enough time to see how they work.  By the way, that Lateral Perch looks awesome in the water, it darts and glides side to side as it falls.  I can't wait to use it a little more.

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