January 7, 2011

New Year, New Baits

My first tournament of the year is Sunday on Lake Okeechobee.  My club will be holding our annual championship event with near perfect timing.  If you haven't seen the results of the EverStart Series, you might want to take a look.  After the first day, first place was nearly 35 pounds and 20 pounds was in 20th Place.  This is what the Big O is known for...big bass.

My dilemma has to do with what baits to throw.  Do I stick with the tried and true baits that always work on Okeechobee, or do I experiment with some new stuff that I have been dying to get in the water?  I think I will do a mix of both and make sure I give the new baits a fair chance to catch some of my fish.  Here are three of the baits I will be trying this weekend.  I think it's safe to post this as my other club members won't have time to order them before Sunday.

The first bait I plan to use isn't really a new bait design, but rather an improvement of a great product.  It's the Chatterbait by ZMan.  If you remember, in 2005, Bryan Thrift turned the rest of the world on to the Chatterbait.  The event was almost exactly the same date and was also on the Big O.  The new TrailerZ Series, like you probably guessed has a trailer built into the skirt for added action.  My bait of choice is a 3/8oz in Black/Blue.

The second bait on my list is the Dinero by Get Five Lures.  It's a unique design for a worm and has a great action in the water.  I have used it some in my local canals, but plan to put it to the real test on Okeechobee.  I have a pack of Junebugish and hope to catch so many on Sunday that I run out of them.

The third bait is really exciting, it's the Lateral Perch by Power Tackle.  I was looking forward to using these baits after seeing them online, but seeing them in my hand they look awesome.  They designed the bait to sink on it's side like a wounded bluegill.  The plastic swimbait style trailer is very life-like and should be something they haven't seen before.  I have one lighter sized one in Black/Blue and a little heavier one in Green Pumpkin Perch.  I'll have to see which one they like best.  

I will have a full product review of all of these baits in the near future.  I can't wait for Sunday!

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