January 18, 2011

Good News for Canada! EdgePoint Inc. and Eco Pro Tungsten Team Up

TORONTO, Ontario (January 18, 2011)

EdgePoint Incorporated continues to expand it's consumer product line. Today, EdgePoint announced the addition of Eco Pro Tungsten to their product distribution network. Eco Pro Tungsten's focus is on tungsten weights and tungsten weights only. Whether it is new custom colors, new shapes and sizes, Eco Pro Tungsten will continue to lead the industry in innovative tungsten products at an affordable price. Lure manufacturers and terminal tackle companies are moving away from lead in their products. Alternative products that are good for the environment and give anglers competitive advantage have stepped up in a very big way. Tungsten is an eco-friendly product which gives the angler better feel and the denseness of tungsten provides more sensitivity and better hook-ups, which will result in putting more fish in the boat.

“With the emergence of many new tungsten companies these days, no other company can flaunt having Dean Rojas lead product innovation. A result of this is the industries first and only 2oz flipping weight correctly named Dean’s Monster! Having Eco Pro focused on tungsten only products, the results are outstanding quality in each and every product. The bottom line is Eco Pro Tungsten will help you put more fish in your boat!” says Craig B Butler, COO & co-founder of EdgePoint Inc.

“On the business side, the fill rates are impeccable with Eco Pro Tungsten. As always, our mandate is to serve our customers with unprecedented service, which simply requires us to deliver prooducts without delay. Customers will see a vast improvement within the Tungsten market with Eco Pro." adds Eugene Ghounarides, CEO & co-founder of EdgePoint Inc.

Tim Norman, president of Eco Pro states "Eco Pro Tungsten is owned and managed by bass fishermen with a passion for the sport. Our mission is to provide the highest quality insert free tungsten weights on the market at an affordable price. We offer the world's largest selection of sizes and styles and are constantly at work with our pro staff to bring innovative new tungsten products to market. All our products are 100% lead free, eco friendly tungsten. Eco Pro Tungsten weights cast farther, get hung up less and help you catch more fish, period. Alll of us at Eco Pro are proud to be represented by EddgePoint north of the border.”

For Canadian dealers interested in stocking Eco Pro Tungsten, please contact EdgePoint at sales@EdgePointInc.com

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