January 18, 2011

Southern Open Pros Robbed in Florida

Just saw this on Basseast.com.  This story makes me sick.  This same thing happened two years ago at the first BFL event of the year on the Kissimmee Chain (the same chain as Toho).  Check out my post from July 2009 about another tackle thief who actually got caught!

Here is what Bass East Posted:

Open Pros Robbed in Florida

January 18, 2011

As the 2011 Southern Opens kick off, a group of anglers have been robbed.  Details are still sketchy and will be updated when we get them.  The first event at Lake Toho will be shadowed by the fact that some low-life(s) stole the livelihood of eight pros. Everything from rods, to tackle, to electronics, to Power Poles were stolen.  (That’s right, even the freakin’ Power Poles were taken off David Smith’s boat.)  Sponsors and service crews have been working hard to get the guys back on the water.  Power Team Lures offered each of the eight a $200.00 certificate to help replace some of the tackle.  If you happen to run across a deal that’s to good to be true, well you know…just call the police.  These creeps need to get nailed.  Stay tuned for more info.

More info can be found on David Walker’s Facebook page

To hear more details on the story, check with Basseast.com for the latest.
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