January 6, 2011

My Alma Mater is now a Bass Fishing College!

There's no denying that College Bass Fishing is more popular then ever.  When I fished with Justin Lucas, the emcee for the college events, he said it has grown from around 90 schools to over 450 now.  That's a huge jump!  One of the newer schools is the school I graduated from, Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA.  Times like this make me wish I was still in college!  One of the cool things about the team is that fellow blogger, Daniel of FHCOutdoors.com is part of the team along with Nick Barr.  They are headed to Lake Shasta in California next week to compete against the best in the West.  Good luck Eagles! 

This is about the only way on a fishing blog that I can brag about the school for football. Eastern will be competing in the Division I-AA Football Championship tomorrow after making it through the playoffs...yes...I-AA has a football playoff (take notice BCS fans).

FLW Tour Pro Luke Clausen is also a graduate of EWU.  It's interesting to note that Luke and myself have the same degree Daniel is seeking, a Bachelor's in Marketing.  Good luck EWU in both football and bass fishing! 

Friday, January 7 2011


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