January 21, 2011


The Rico “Clear Series” continues... introducing the latest color, #570 Manahl’s RX.  An invention by professional angler Andy Manahl, themed in the objective of creating colors that blend into the surface and surroundings; the sky, the habitat, the baitfish.  Manahl's Rx is the bleeding shad of the Clear Series.  Unique features include a clear body center, clear orange mouth and purple weights, resembling the guts of the baitfish.  It’s like looking at the lure from the inside out.  Andy Manahl commented “Check your blood pressure at the launch ramp, because this one will get the monster blowup your looking for!”  #567 Ricci’s Recipe was the first color of the Clear Series.  Seven colors will be released, completing the series by July 2011.

Manahl’s Rx will be available in the Rico and Rio Rico in February.  Next on the horizon is #571 Skeleton Chartreuse.  A sneak preview is just a few weeks away.

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