January 30, 2011

Product Review: Sufix 832 Braided Line

Braided line is here to stay.  It is the perfect line for many situations and in my opinion it is a must for punchin' and frog fishing.  I have been using the same brand of braid for over ten years, the biggest reason was it worked well.  I never thought much about it, braid is braid right?  I have been using the new Sufix 832 for about a month now and have been really impressed.  It won the Best Fishing Line award at the 2010 ICAST show.  Some fisherman don't really pay much attention to the awards at ICAST because they always seems to go to the biggest companies, whether they deserved it or not, but this stuff is the real deal.  

Like I always say when I get something new "What makes this better than the rest?"  Sufix calls it "the next generation of technical fishing line".  It is braided line, but includes GORE Performance Fibers (think Goretex) to make it stronger and more durable.  My first experience with the line came while spooling it on my reels.  It was smooth, almost like it wasn't braid.  I checked my other spools of braid made by other brands and you could immediately feel the difference.  

Braid is great, but it always seems to get frayed and lose color after a few trips.  So far, so good with the 832.  It is still smooth and maintained most of it's color after some hard days of fishing thick cover.  It's also a very small diameter and has no problems with casting.

Sufix 832 is different for three major reasons:

  • The first is Dyneema® fibers, which contribute to the small diameter, high strength and sensitivity of the fishing line. 
  • The GORE Performance Fibers add improved abrasion resistance, noise and vibration reduction, along with improved casting length and accuracy. 
  • Lastly, the R8 Precision Braiding and fiber technology add superior strength, roundness and line consistency.
These three reasons are very technical explanations for what makes the line different, but in actual testing while fishing, I can tell you this braid is in a different class.

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