February 4, 2011

Abu Garcia Launches New Website

I just saw a press release about how Abu Garcia launched a brand new website.  So naturally, I had to check it out.  It's actually pretty cool and has some videos, tips, articles and even reel schematics.  It's worth checking out.  

I also got this video about the Verdict rod.  Since I liked the Veritas, the Verdict will be next!

Check it out at abugarcia.com

Here is the entire press release:


COLUMBIA, S.C. (February 3, 2010) – Abu Garcia recently launched an updated abugarcia.com. The revamped site contains extensive information for any level angler, which will enhance their online and angling experience. The site features improved an improved Flash home page that reinforce Abu Garcia precision engineering and cutting edge design.

“The launch of the Abu Garcia site is a big step to improve the online experience for all levels of angling experience,” said David Lund, Abu Garcia Vice President of Marketing – The Americas. “Abu Garcia strives to improve the angler’s online experience, and with that increase their success on the water.”

In addition to a new look, visitors to www.abugarcia.com will be able to interact with each other with an integrated link to our facebook and twitter pages. They will also have access to AbuGarciaTV – our YouTube channel, which features tips from our pro staff and product information.

“This is a great way to interact with other anglers,” said Lund. “A big part of angling is the interaction and shared ideas between anglers, and abugarcia.com is the perfect way to join others with a common interest. Plus, it is a great way to find out about all the products that Abu Garcia offers.”

Additionally, the Abu Garcia site highlights the many technological advantages that make their products stand out on tournament waters around the country as well as the small ponds. 

Please visit www.abugarcia.com for the complete online experience.
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