May 20, 2011

It's Crankbait Time

One of my favorite ways to fish is with a crankbait.  I grew up fishing these baits and use them every time the situation arises. This year, I have caught some key fish in tournaments on the crankbait and it has won me some money in a few events.  I'm always looking for tips on crankbait fishing.  I just saw something on about crankbait fishing.  It offers four tips to trigger a bass with a crankbait.  One that espescially stood out for me was this one about using silent crankbaits.  Elite Series angler Ben Parker said:

“I think people overlook the silent baits,” Parker said. “If you’re up there in the boat parking lot and I’m on the other end and I want to come surprise you real quick, I run towards you as quietly as I can and try to scare you. But if I come running across the parking lot with a tamborine in my hand, you’re going to turn and see me and be ready for me. The same thing with rattling crankbaits. The more noise they make, the more the bass turns and sees them and has time to think about it. Now in stained and dirty water it’s what you need.

The article is definitely worth a read if you like to throw crankbaits.  Check it out here.

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