May 25, 2011

Who is the best angler in the world?

This question always seems to come up.  Currently, who is ranked number one in the world?  The rankings always cause debate, espescially when an FLW Tour angler takes over the top spot, like happened when Brent Ehrler and Bryan Thrift took over.  But, KVD is now number one, once again.

The other great debate, was the "Greatest Angler of All-Time" from 2005, where Rick Clunn edged out Roland Martin and KVD for the title

Now, there is a new debate: Outdoor Life's "20 Best Angler's on the Planet." This list includes all types of fishing from ice fishing to walleye to saltwater and everything in between.  It does include four pro bass anglers; KVD, Clunn, Roland Martin and Mike Iaconelli.  It's a pretty interesting list and includes several people I have never heard of.

The thing about the that it seems like KVD is near the top of all of these lists. I don't know how anyone could say he is not #1 currently, the Greatest Angler of All-Time and The Best Angler on the Planet.

Who is your pick for these three debates?

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