June 20, 2011

Another Boating Accident on Kentucky Lake

I was looking through the news stories of the FLW Tour event on Kentucky Lake that happened this weekend.  One interesting part of the event was the boating accident involving Shinichi Fukae and his cameraman.  It appears, from one of the reports, that he hit a bridge.  Both were taken to the hospital, Shin was released, but his camera man is still in the hospital.  This is what FLW Outdoors said in their press release:

Fukae was involved in a one-boat accident during Sunday’s competition and unable to attend weigh-in as a result. Fukae was treated for minor injuries and released and his cameraman was taken to a Nashville hospital for further observation.

I have never been to Kentucky Lake, but it seems like it can get pretty dangerous.  Just last fall a boating accident during the BFL Regional claimed the life of one of the competitors.   

I hope his cameraman gets well soon and Shin recovers fully.  

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