June 24, 2011

Eco Pro Tungsten Adds New Hook Company

Eco Pro continues the news with a new line of hooks.  They just announced that they will be the North American distributor of Kumho, a super high quality hook out of Korea.  I have seen some of the design specs and they are awesome and include an innovative way to keep your soft plastics pegged.  Stay tuned for more.

Here is the entire press release:

Company owner Brian Wagenhoffer announced today that Anglers Select LLC (The parent company of Eco Pro Tungsten) has acquired distribution rights for North America with Kumho hooks of Korea.

Kumho is an established hook manufacturer specializing in high quality needlepoints.   Anglers Select has now established Kumho USA to supply innovative new hooks to the American market as well as Kumhos existing range of premium and hooks.

Company President Tim Norman has teamed with fishing superstar Gary Klein to unveil an exciting new range of innovative, patented hooks at ICAST next month in Las Vegas.

Norman added "I have worked with Gary in the past and he was my first choice to help us innovate new and exciting products at Kumho USA.  He is not only one of the best fishermen of all time he is also one of the great innovators.  We will be launching Gary’s first new series of hooks as well as kumho’s full range of products July 13th at ICAST booth 2608."

"It is very exciting to be with a company that allows me to have my own workshop" said Klein. "They are allowing me to develop and design my own hooks and the first ones are awesome. The keeper system, by itself, is an innovation that all anglers will want." 
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