September 14, 2010

The Bass Pro Flick'n Shimmy

It was only a matter of time before someone came out with a "flick shake" worm. Like the theme of the fishing industry, the copycats, the Bass Pro Flick'n Shimmy is a very close version of the popular Jackall flick shake worm that is killer on bass. I have been using the flick shake for two years and am definitely a believer. I am interested in the BPS version because of the cost alone, it looks like you will get many more for your buck. Now, some people say that a Trick Worm will do just fine, that may be true in certain situations, but the design of the Flick Shake worm is the key. The curved ends create a great squirming action as it falls. The Bass Pro version has the same curves, but lets see how soft they are and I'm pretty sure they won't have the same great scent of the original Jackall version.

The Bass Pro version retails for $3.49 for 12 of the 5.8 inch size. The Jackall version is $4.99 for 8 of the same size, quite a difference. The original is almost always better (ex. Senko), but I will at least give the Flick'n a shot. I also like the Shimmy X2 which is basically two worms molded together. Looks like I have another thing to look for on my next Bass Pro visit.
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