June 18, 2011

Skeet's year just keeps on getting worse

When things aren't going your way, it seems like everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Skeet Reese has had a bad year for his standards and was fishing well at Wheeler this week.  He was third going into Day Three, but fell to eighth after a ten pound bag today.  Still he had a chance to win and make the Classic.  That was until he realized he had a sixth fish in the livewell. Here is what it said on Bassmaster.com

"Skeet Reese of Auburn, Calif., at first secured a Top 12 spot, but lost it. He weighed his day’s catch and returned to his boat and discovered a sixth bass still in his livewell. Tournament officials said Reese reported the fish."

The result was a zero for the day and he fell to 33rd.  I still don't know how this happens. Two years ago, both Bill Lowen and Bobby Lane were DQ'd for having six fish at Oneida.

When I fish in a tournament, I purposely only take five culling rings (even though eight come in my set).  That way I won't ever have more fish or forget how many I have. I'm sorry Skeet.  I hope 2012 is better for you.
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