June 18, 2011

The River2Sea Bubble Walker

The next bait to be reviewed is the River2Sea Bubble Walker.  Like I said when I covered the Tango Prop, River2Sea makes a good quality bait at a great price. The Bubble Walker is no different.  It was easy to fish and it does walk fairly easily. Looking at this bait, it is is obvious that this bait is a popper as well.  I was able to pop it a few times then start walking it during the same cast, showing the versatility of the bait.  

One cool thing I noticed was the bubble trail that followed the bait as it was retrieved.  I don't know how much this helps (if any) but it was definitely noticeable and makes sense why they call it the Bubble Walker.  

The bait comes in two sizes, the 80 and the 128.  I reviewed the 80, which is three inches and 1/2 oz.  The 128 is a monster, 5 inches and 1.25 ounces.  The bigger size comes with three trebles and I am sure it would be a good bait for big fish.

I am impressed with the colors and details on the bait for the cost.  I also liked the sound it made.  It is filled with tungsten rattles for extra sound and casts very easily.  

Scoring for the River2Sea Bubble Walker

Price/Value: 4 
At around $8.00, it is a value priced topwater.
Durability: 4
It looks and feels solid and the hooks and split rings are quality.
Performance: 3
You can do alot with this bait, walk the dog, pop, or both.
Innovation: 2
It's a unique twist on a classic bait, but it looks very similar to another bait I reviewed earlier this week.
Availability: 3
Online at Tackle Warehouse and from River2Seausa.com.

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!

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