August 13, 2009

6 Fish?

Today the Elite guys hit Lake Oneida for the season finale....and two of the superstars got disqualified for fishing with six fish in the livewell. The limit for this tournament is five, and once you catch your fifth one, you must start culling.

The anglers were Bobby Lane and Bill Lowen, two guys I interviewed for this site in the last month. I feel bad for them, but at least they still get to fish tommorow.

Here is the complete story from

"Bobby Lane and Bill Lowen both had their day's catch disqualified under Elite Series Rule C16 (Scoring). They committed the same violation – having six fish (one more than the tournament limit) in their livewell.

Both self-reported the violations. Lowen called his into tournament director Trip Weldon midway through the day (for that story, click here. Lane was unaware he'd violated a rule until he learned of Lowen's DQ during the weigh-in, and he immediately notified BASS official Chuck Harbin that he'd done the same thing at one point during the day.

He caught 13-10 and would've been in 35th place without the mishap.

"I don't know how it happened and I've been doing this long enough that it shouldn't have happened," said Lane, who came in at No. 22 in the points but will in all likelihood end up somewhere around the 37th-place Classic cutoff. "I don't know what fish it was on or why I did it or anything else.

"It's very frustrating when you work your butt off all year and then some stupid mistake could cost you (making) the Classic. I just feel fortunate that I get to fish tomorrow."

Go get them tomorrow guys!

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