June 22, 2011

TBrinksFishing Product Review:FINS Braided Line

I have been hearing alot about a company called FINS.  They are still relatively unknown but have been making braided lines for years.  In the past they manufactured braided line and sold it to major companies who packaged it and sold it as there own.  Now they are on their own and make braids for different applications.  I thought this was really interesting as usually braided line is mostly the same.  They have the Original, Extra Smooth, Windtamer and Shock Absorbing braids.  All of them have their own purpose and excel at different techniques.  I had heard great things about the strength and castability of these lines and decided to give it a try.  They sent me a sample to do a review and I was impressed with the quality of the product.

They four types of braid they make are:

  • The Original - a great multi-purpose braid.
  • Extra Smooth is extra smooth; meaning it is the best casting line they make.
  • Windtamer is built to cast better in the wind and reduce backlashes
  • The Shock Absorbing braid has 10% more stretch than other braids.  I think this would be a great choice for baits with treble hooks so the line doesn't pull the hooks out of the mouth of the fish.
I have had one of my reels spooled up with this since April and I can honestly say I have had no problems with it.  I have the Original in 40lb line and it has been great for both topwater baits and soft plastic toads. I immediately noticed how well it handles and casts.

The color of the line is a lighter green than you might be used to, but I have found that the color holds up well. So instead of having a dark green line that quickly turns to whitish, you have a lighter green that holds its color and doesn't fade.  It's a trade-off, but I don't think you need to use that black marker trick as often.

The line casts really well and doesn't fray or become weak.  It is a quality, durable, multi-purpose braid.

Price/Value: 2 
At around $16 for a 150 yard spool it is a little more expensive than PowerPro but also less than some other brands.
Durability: 4
The line has help up well and I have seen no major issues with fraying.
Performance: 4
Casts great and doesn't dig into the spool.
Innovation: 2
It's a braid, everyone makes one.  I believe the Windtamer and Shock Absorbing braids are more innovative than the Original I tested.
Availability: 2
Online at their website.  Not as easy to find online or in stores as other brands.

Total Score: 14  - Worth a Shot!


MSPbass said...

I was interested 'till I got to the price. In a head-to-head, would you ever pick Fins over Power Pro?

T Brinks said...

Good question. I have used PowerPro for years and still saw the benefits of this line. I would say its at least equal maybe better. I think the windtamer and shock absorbing would be worth the extra money for sure.