June 19, 2011

Topwater Week - The Megabass XPOD

The last bait for Topwater Week is my favorite of all of them.  It is a bait that is so versatile it can be used seven different ways.  Huh? I was skeptical as well. The Megabass X-Pod.

When I first saw the concept, I didn't know how it was possible and more importantly...how it would even work.  The bait is like something out of Transformers.  It can be adjusted by clicking the lip up or down to the desired setting.

Don't believe me?  Check out this picture of the different actions.
  • Position 1: Pencil Bait (roll the walker mode)
  • Position 2: Pencil Popper
  • Position 3: Active Popper
  • Position 4: Diving Popper / Splash Mode
  • Position 5: Same as the # 4 but dive deeper and more splashes
  • Position 6: Darting Swimbait Mode

If you notice there is a 7th action called the "Secret Command".  I was looking through the flip brochure that came inside the baits packaging.  It was mostly in Japanese but I did notice a section where it said, go to Megabass.co.jp (the Japanese site) and go to the XPOD Page.  When you click on the Action Mode Manual and Click Secret Command, it requires you to enter your password to get in....I'm not lying.  It reminded me of the movie  "A Christmas Story" and the secret code.  I couldn't wait to enter it on the site and the reward was better than it turned out in the movie.  You can see the secret code (blurred out of course) on the picture to the left, but if you really want to see the command you can just look at the picture above.

Actually fishing this bait is just as much fun as finding the secret code and it can truly be used in a number of different ways.  I tried the bait on all of the settings and have come up with two favorites.  Position 1, which makes it a great overall walking bait that walks very sharply and in a surprisingly wide shift from side to side.  The bait is very buoyant (I know....topwaters should be buoyant), but I think it maybe just rides up a little higher when the lip is in this setting.  Another of my favorites is #4, the Diving Popper and Splash Mode which you can see in the videos below. 

It is  4.25 inches and is actually pretty heavy at 3/4 of an ounce, which makes casting effortless.  I am again impressed with the color selection and quality of the finish.  It's a Megabass and this should be expected from each bait.

Scoring for the Megabass XPOD

Price/Value: 2 
At around $30-$34 (depending on where you find it), it isn't cheap.  Again, it's a Megabass and they are known for higher prices...but also for baits that are in another league.
Durability: 5
Great quality and the adjustable lip is surprisingly sturdy.
Performance: 5
It can do anything you want it to.
Innovation: 5
I don't think I need to say why this is a 5.
Availability: 2
Online at Tackle Warehouse, Landbigfish, eBay and others.  The trick is finding it in stock.

Total Score: 17  - Good Buy!

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