July 26, 2011

The Flat Rubber Jig by Tourney Jigs

In jig fishing, so much is made of the type of skirt, the way it is tied, etc.  Jig making has evolved to a point where anglers can choose between a skirted jig that is tied, with a collar or even both.  The skirt material is also evolving as well.  Silicone skirts are very popular and have some of the best looking colors you can imagine.  Some people prefer the round rubber for the different look and with that pulsing look under water.  Well now I am going to throw you another option, the Flat Rubber jig.

A few months ago I had a great conversation with Tourney Jigs and decided to set something up for a review.  He sent me a few jigs to test out and I was immediately impressed with both the design and quality.  He knows his stuff and makes sure the paint won't chip and that the hooks are super sharp.

I was most interested in the flat rubber jig because it is something we don't see much of. He claimed the jig has more action in the water and also gives it a much bulkier look underwater (like a mop jig).

I fished the jig, but to really get a feel for the look, I did a scientific test (in my bathtub..haha) to see how it looked.  Just like he described, it has a unique action.  I was impressed with it and will add this extra trick to my arsenal the next time I am fishing jigs in deep water.

For something new and unique, give Tourney Jigs a chance on your next jig order.  He is a small company and a hardcore bass fisherman just like you and me.  
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