July 13, 2011

ICAST 2011: The Quantum Exo

The buzz of ICAST this year has been really been about the Exo from Quantum.  They were really good at promoting the new product launch and were very secretive about it....this made some suspense.  I couldn't wait to see it, and it was pretty cool.  The whole Exo concept comes from the idea of creating an Exoskeleton.  The reels and rods are very light since there are plenty of areas where they found a way to reduce weight and then did it.  The reel is aluminum...not magnesium and is still only 5.9 ounces which rivals the weight of some smaller designs that are made with lighter materials.  They said the entire combo weighs less than 10 ounces.  They just launched a new website today and it offers all the info you would need to know about it and also has a cool contest starting where you can win and be the first consumer to use the product.  They are hoping to have the baits available by December.  Until now, enjoy the pics!

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