July 9, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Review: Buff Water Gloves

I have been searching for a few months for some gloves to wear while fishing.  I wanted to be able to wear gloves that will protect me the sun and at the same time allow me to fish comfortably.  As I was searching for the perfect pair, I was contacted by Buff and asked if I wanted to do a review.  It was perfect timing and I was excited to try them out as I love the entire Buff lineup.

They sent me a pair of the new Buff Water Gloves to review.  After fishing with them for a few trips in the hot and humid Florida weather I am impressed!

When I first put them on, I was wondering how they would handle the heat.  The last thing I wanted was to have sweaty hands and feel like I couldn't wait to get them off.  They were surprisingly breathable and after fishing with them I forgot they were even on.  I know people always say that, but I really could not tell I was wearing gloves and it's the middle of summer in Florida.  They have an SPF of 50+ which is great, but also helps by pretty much eliminating the need to add a bunch of sunscreen to your hands (and having to get rid of the sunscreen smell on your baits).

One other thing I was skeptical of was the grip.  The palms have a silicon grip that works great for both wet and dry conditions.  I know these are water gloves and can be used for a several watersports (paddling, kayaking, fishing and even wake boarding), so I was wondering how the grip would make a difference for fishing.  I ended up loving the silicon grip, especially when pitching and flipping.

Often with these techniques; my reel gets wet, my rod gets wet and my hand gets slippery.  This glove solves the problem and I know it will eventually help me catch some extra fish I may have missed with slippery hands.

The Sun Gloves are made to naturally contour to your hands and have exposed fingertips so you can still do what you normally do without gloves.  I also like the fact that they are able to be washed with a washing machine.  All positives and I really didn't see anything I didn't like from them.

Scoring for the Buff Water Gloves

Price/Value: 4
They retail for around $25.  I have never really bought gloves like this, so it was hard to gauge the price, but after searching through BPS, the cost looks about right.  They seem durable and should last for some time.
Durability: 4
I have not had any issues with them coming apart or having any loose threads.
Performance: 5
They work great, even better than I thought they would.
Innovation: 3
There are several gloves on the market, but I think these are a great combination of functionality and performance.
Availability: 3
They can be found on several sites online and I am sure Bass Pro will eventually carry them.

Total Score: 19  - Good Buy!

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