September 11, 2011

2nd Place on Okeechobee Today

Another weekend...another trip to Okeechobee for me.  The time I've been putting in on the lake paid off with a 2nd place finish in my club tournament today.  I only weighed in 11.99, but the fishing was a little tougher today with the heat and little to no wind.  It still took 20 pounds to win, but as you can tell it dropped off quick after that monster bag

I made the decision yesterday to fish close and fish hard and that's what I did all day.  I had two key areas and just fished them to death over the hours today.  Sometimes grinding it out is what does well.  I told my non boater before we launched to be ready with a shaky head, Carolina-rig and Texas rig and that turned out to be the key techniques and they all caught their fair share of bass today.

I did catch one on a Snag Proof Phat Frog in one little area.  The lake is still low, so the ideal frog spots are far and between, but I did manage to find one nice area and caught a nice keeper on it.

The lesson for the day...make the best of what you have and fish it as hard as you can.
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