September 5, 2011

4 Things That Made My Fishing Easier Yesterday

We went out to Okeechobee again yesterday and as we always do, we caught a bunch of fish. The size wasn't there this time and we struggled to catch anything bigger than two or three pounds.  I was happy with the trip though because it allowed me to test out some new products and gear.  I came away from the day with four tips that made fishing easier.

The use of braid and fluoro on a spinning rod is worth all the hype.  I posted something about this earlier in the week and I was beyond pleased with the results. I rigged up two of my spinning rods with 20lb Seaguar Kanzen for shaky head fishing. I tied two different knots; the Reverse Albright and Seaguar knot.  They both worked as intended and I had no breaks at the knot.  More importantly, they were both very easy to tie.

The second thing I realized was that using a Kumho USA hook on a Carolina-rig is a must. The Reaper Keeper system on the hooks is something I am exited about after using it for several techniques, but after using both a standard worm hook and Kumho for a Carolina-rig yesterday the Kumho will be my choice from now on. The reason? The Reaper Keeper really does keep the worm in place and after having fish miss the bait or having the rig drag through rocks and grass, the worm often gets messed up and you end up dragging around a bait that has no chance of getting bit.

The third thing was the use of something called "The Rock" by Jewel Bait company.  If you know me, you know I am an advocate of using tungsten weights for everything, but I had the chance to try some of these football shaped weights and decided to give them a try.  The design is simple, yet it works as advertised. Paired with an Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Bead this Carolina-rig setup is great.

The last thing that really helped to make my fishing easier yesterday was the use of the Eco Pro Tungsten Diamond Peg.  The design is so basic yet it works. Much like the Reaper Keeper, the peg keeps your bait securely locked in place.  I was using this for fishing a 10 inch worm yesterday and the worm stayed put after catching numerous fish. The worm would always rip in half before it would slide down the hook.  These things work!
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