November 14, 2011

Lake June Recap - 3rd Place

I fished Lake June this weekend for the Fort Myers Bass Club tournament.  I am pretty happy with my overall finish considering how the day started and how the fishing was.  Lake June is a pretty interesting lake for Florida standards, it's pretty deep, clear and not as much grass as we are used to down here.  I fished last Saturday and the both days this weekend and couldn't catch a fish anywhere shallow.  I stayed in the deeper 12-15 foot range and dragged a Carolina-rig around all day.  Talk about boring!  Even though the fishing was slow, I stuck with it all day.

The persistence paid off and I finally got in to them really good in the last two hours  Up until the last two hours I only had three fish, but ended up catching at least ten more.  It was my third time going to this stretch and they really turned on.  At one point it was a fish on every cast.  I was disappointed we had to come in because they were still biting when we left.

Although the fish were pretty small and I weighed in less than seven pounds, it was good enough to get a check.  The most important things for me this weekend were my marker buoys, Lowrance HDS-8 and the Carolina-rig.  Without those things, I wouldn't have had anything to write about now.  It was a nice diversion in fishing styles, but I am ready to get back on Lake Okeechobee this weekend!
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