January 2, 2012

The Top 5 Lures of 2011

Picking just five lures of 2011 would be pretty hard for me, but the guys at TheFishNReport.com did it. I like the list and see some baits I would love to try.  

Here is what they had to say:

As we near the end of another great year for Bass fishing product innovation and the growth of the sport, TFR reflects on the top 5 lures we reviewed in 2011 that proved to assist us in loading the boat with fish.

TFR took Set the Hook’s Crush Worm out on the water, found those schooling fish and “crushed” some bass. What we found was that this 100% neutrally buoyant drop shot bait moved every so slowly with or without the flow of current…Read more.

the D&S Crank is the next wave in deep diving Crankbait design.  Winning their fourteenth ICast award, Sebile takes all the original design features that other crankbaits carry and has injected a massive shot of innovation in the D&S…Read more.

The Damiki Tremor 65 Silent Lipless Crankbait is a perfect example of stealth fishing. Built to be fished one of two ways, Damiki developed and refined the way a dying shad would flutter and fall as it tries to flee certain situations, making a very easy meal for those big roaming bass…Read more.

One product that has proven to offer great results is “Bite-Me Tackle’s” Tubehead Rattlin’ Tube Jig.  With the help of Professional Angler Mark Zona, the Rattin’ Tube Jig is poured with a longer and thinner jig head, to make insertion into the Tube body seamless…Read more.

Designed by FLW pro and IMA pro staffer Michael Murphy, the IMA Flit has quickly become a highly used bait by all jerkbait fishermen. IMA has successfully incorporated a 3 hook system into a flat, wider backed jerkbait…Read more.

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