December 27, 2011

Fishing in the Snow

My wife Tanya and I have been spending the last few days in Washington State visiting with our friends and family for the Holidays.  It has been a great trip for us, and we are so happy we are able to see everyone.  Since fishing is more than just a hobby for me, I had to get a fishing trip in while I was here. Catching bass this time of year is out of the question, so we decided to go and just try to catch something.  

Yesterday, my cousin Damon, my old tournament partner Wes and some other friends went to Lake Roosevelt to see what we could catch.  Describing the weather as cold would be an understatement and the snow on the ground and frozen rocks were something I haven't seen since I moved to Florida almost four years ago.

Me lipping a brown trout (I'm definitely a bass fisherman)

We did catch some fish; brown trout and rainbows, so the trip was a success. Wes even caught a Redband Rainbow Trout, which is a somewhat endangered species and only native to certain areas in the Northwest.  Before this, we would say a trout is a trout, but it was pretty cool to see a unique species like this. We fished for them just like you would fish for bass, with suspending and countdown jerkbaits fished in the eddies of the river. 

Though it wasn't quite as fun as bass fishing, it was still cool to catch something while the temperature was in the 20's.  It was also great to just spend some time catching up with old fishing buddies.

My cousin Damon rockin' the Carhartt 
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