January 23, 2012

A Video Review: The Pro Wacky Weight by Eco Pro Tungsten

I have been using the Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky weight since they came out at ICAST and love them.  Honestly, there is nothing about it I don't like for wacky rig fishing.  It is a great way to fish a little deeper with a proven technique.  Two other things I like about it is the way the hook is positioned and the durability of the plastics.

What I mean by the hook, is that it is now positioned right for better hooksets.  I have used the o-rings for years and one thing I didn't like about it was how the hook runs parallel to the bait.  I have always thought  I missed some fish because of it.

The other thing I mentioned was the durability.  With the prongs on the Pro Wacky Weight, they are buried into the bait, almost making it one with the plastic.  It definitely seems to hold up a little better after multiple fish.

Check out this video I shot on how to rig a bait with this new system.

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