February 25, 2012

Predictions and Observations from the Classic

I've been following the Classic very closely and have seen some great story lines.  I love all of the coverage on Bassmaster.com; the BASSTrakk (no matter how innaurate it is), the live stream from the War Room,  Hooked Up!  All of it has been good.

There are also some great story lines; the Lane brothers battling it out for the win, no KVD in the Top 10,  Ike shamelessly plugging a product at every opportunity, some big names not doing so well, Kevin Wirth making the cut and getting emotional since he isn't fishing the Elites this year (and on stage with basically a plain t-shirt), and more.  I have to say though, my favorite thing about the Classic so far was Timmy Horton goin' old school.  I was thinking about this earlier how so many of the guys look exactly the same up there and then here comes Horton in his jumpsuit, patches and hat.  It wasn't the only thing he did that got attention today...he weighed in a pretty nice bag of fish too.

James Overstreet bassmaster.com

After today, I really can't even decide who I think is going to win.  My pick if I had to pick would be Lane...Bobby not Chris.  Vinson and Bobby Lane are around each other and obviously around good fish.  Vinson is a nice guy and I think he's a great fisherman, but I hope Bobby Lane wins so we don't have to keep hearing about the "baby pattern" they mention all the time.

Who is your pick to win?  What has been your favorite part of the Classic so far?

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