March 12, 2012

What's your opinion? Co-Angler Rights

So last night I posted a picture on Facebook.  It was a funny picture caught in the moment when we were fishing.  I thought about a good caption for the photo, considering the appearance and came up with "This is how I keep my co-anglers from casting past me"

Obviously I really don't mean that since I fished as a co-angler since I was in high school up until recently, but anyways it was funny.  The picture makes my dog look pretty viscous, but she was really just snapping at bugs and we caught her in the act.  I really don't bring her with me to tournaments....but maybe I should.

The comments turned pretty heated and people decided to debate on "Co-Angler Rights" as I'm now calling it.  What is your opinion?  Should Co-Anglers expect to be able to cast wherever they want (even over a boater's shoulder, should they be relegated to the back deck.  Let me know.  I'd like to hear your thoughts here in the comments.  If you haven't seen the Facebook post, check it out here.

The Photo in Question

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