May 22, 2012

Does Anyone Use Paper Maps Anymore?

With all of the technology in fishing, certain tools to locate bass have become less popular.  One of those is the old school paper map.  I still use them, but not like I used to.  With today's technology, I use my smart phone and the Navionics app, my Lowrance HDS systems with mapping chips and Google Earth.  Like everything else in the world, technology is taking over.

One pro who still relies heavily on paper maps is Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Mark Davis. I just read an article about him and how he uses maps, this is part of what he said:

"What I like about the paper maps, however, is how quickly I can identify and find similar places if I find bass in one particular spot, even while I'm sitting still on the water. Again, the paper map eliminates a lot of searching because I can see the entire lake at once. Every evening after my day of fishing, I spread out my paper map again and look for even more comparisons like this."

You can read the entire article here.  

What are your thoughts?  Do you still use paper maps?

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