May 30, 2012

I love new tackle!

I'm sure I am like almost everyone out there reading this post...I love fishing tackle.  This time of year is exciting for me since ICAST is coming up and some baits are starting to be released and mentioned.  I had the chance to fish with the newest Havoc designs last week and have to say they are pretty cool.  The Subwoofer was my favorite.  It's a compact design and has great action.  The fish really seemed to attack it.  The Rocket Craw looked cool and had good action, but I didn't have as much success.  I am going to play around with some different colors and see what works best.

Another new bait I just got my hands on was the Drag Queen football jig by Lethal Weapon Lures. Reading about it was one thing, but having it in your hands takes it to the next level.  I live the idea of having the internal rattle right inside the head of the jig.  I'll keep you posted on how it performs.
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