July 14, 2012

ICAST 2012: Livingston Lures

At the ICAST show this week there were a few companies that really stood out.  One of them was Livingston Lures.  A quick glance at their products might make you think that they are like every other company that makes hard baits for saltwater and bass fishing, but this was definitely not the case.

Augie at the Livingston Booth
Every time I walked by their booth I saw a huge crowd gathering around to check them out. They make baits in several key categories: shallow diving crankbaits, wake baits, deep diving crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, topwater lures, jerkbaits and soft plastics.  The difference in their hard baits is the unique sound chamber that has electronic sound technology that allows the baits have a unique "croaking" sound.  I didn't know what to think about this when they mentioned it, but after hearing it for myself I thought it was pretty cool and truly something I have never seen (or heard) before. Some of the baits even have an electronic LED lights for the eyes. 

I have a few of their baits to try and am excited to get them in the water for a full review.

Livingston Dive Master, Pro Ripper and Pro Wake

They also had a bait called the Scuttle Buzz, which they call a hybrid spinner buzz bait.  It has four blades, two clackers and a double trailer hook.  This thing looks like it will make a big commotion.  I will also be reviewing this bait.

Livingston Lures Scuttle Buzz
Keep an eye on Livingston...they are making some innovative products.

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