September 26, 2012

Geared Up!

Just finished rigging up 12 rods with Seaguar line.  I have to say, that takes some time to do it right.  I am fishing Long Lake in Spokane and had to totally revamp all my rods and reels as I transition to fishing in the Northwest.  I used Kanzen braid, Senshi mono, and then Tatsu, AbrazX and InvizX fluorocarbon.  With all of this new line and sizes I have a few observations:

I have used Tatsu in the past but the light stuff is great.  I rigged up a Stradic spinning reel with 6lb test.  The spool said it holds 200 yards of 6lb test but I spooled a full 200 yard spool and still had room leftover, even with a little backing.  I think this shows how thin the line is.

I rigged a Revo Premier with 30lb braid and a 15lb Senshi leader so I can fish topwater baits and not worry about the braid wrapping around my topwater. I have found that braid casts much better with a topwater and won't sink as much so its great for topwater baits, but it will wrap around the trebles as you walk the bait.

I rigged another Stradic with 15lb Kanzen braid and then a 8lb AbrazX leader for shaky head fishing. I think this will give me a little more strength and sensitivity.

Tomorrow will be the real test with this line.  I am so used to using 15 and 20lb fluoro and 60lb braid in Florida so this light line makes me feel a little weird.  
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