March 29, 2013

Really, what pound test is that?

Line pound test is one of the biggest misconceptions around, it really means nothing when you consider the actual diameter of the line. I have known for a long time to look at the diameter instead of just believing the pound test that is listed on the box.  As a very simple comparison, take a look at the following four fluorocarbon lines and the diameter of their 12lb test:

Just looking at those numbers might not mean anything, I mean we are talking hundredths of an inch. But a closer look shows this:

  • Gamma Edge 8lb, Berkley Trilene 100% 8lb and (roughly) 10lb test Vicious are all the same diameter as 12lb test Seaguar.  
  • This can mean alot of things. This biggest one is that you can probably use much heavier line when using Seaguar and get away with it.
The full screen shots can be seen here.  Take a look for yourself at your favorite brands.  I looked through a bunch of them and there are some major discrepancies to say the least.

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