May 28, 2013

The Ima Flit Family Review, Part 1: Flit 120

Before I started looking into jerkbaits this winter for these reviews I contacted pro Michael Murphy who helped designed the Ima Flit. He also designed the Denali Michael Murphy signature series jerkbait rod that I have been using all Spring (excellent rod, by the way). He talked about the bait's unique action and the fact that it dives deeper than many of the baits in the same size class. He was right, they are awesome baits. The "Flit Family" consists of the:

I fished all of them and caught fish on each on every one but the 120 is probably my favorite of the three. The 120 size is a little longer than some other brands I use, but I like the fact that it is still very thin and slender throughout. Oftentimes, when you get a bigger size of jerkbait you are going to get a really bulky lure (which isn't always bad), but for this fact alone I like the 120.

The depths it can get to are stated as 6 to 8 feet. I believe it does that with no problem. I was fishing over submerged grass that I could barely see in ultra clear water and it was picking up pieces that topped out at around 7 feet from the bottom. Again, it was cool having a bait like this get to those depths each time.

Ima Flit 120 in Brown Flash color...a smallie killer.

The 120 is a three hook design that weighs 1/2oz and comes in at 4.75 inches long. All three hooks are super sharp Owner trebles which eliminates the need to change them before you start using it.

Flit: "A fluttering or darting movement"
One nice feature about this bait is the flat sides. They put alot of thought into this as to how it would reflect and shine and the flat side was the best way to get the most flash. Also, the name "Flit" is perfect for this bait as it darts side to side in a very erratic way.

Ultra realistic eyes and quality finish
The Ima Flit jerkbaits were fun to fish and have earned their place among the best jerkbaits around. The other reviews will be coming up soon.

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