May 17, 2013

Ready for the weekend

This time of year in the Pacific Northwest is what I live for...big largemouth and huge smallmouth all shallow or wanting to be there. I plan to get some good fishing in this weekend with a few baits that I have been collecting over the winter months for review. I think I rigged up 17 rods last night. My biggest problem will be trying to test all of the new stuff while also making the most of my chance for my biggest bass of the year. Here are three baits that I have rigged up with the intention of catching fish with.

When I first saw these I really didn't think I would ever use them, but then I moved from Florida to Washington and now found a use for them. I have one rigged up on a shakyhead and I will be skipping this thing under docks. It's a nice small size and I think it's gonna skip very well.

I've been a fan of these since I first saw them. They have an innovative design and are a new twist (literally) on jig fishing. The hook can be interchanged with a quick twist. It's something you have to see to appreciate.

DUO Realis Crankbait 48SR
This little guy (1.9 inches) is a nice sized squarebill. I have found that early in the year, no matter how big the bass are, they really like a downsized crankbait. I have one of these rigged up in the HR Ayu color. I think it's gonna work.

These are just a few of many baits that will get some action tomorrow. Hope to share some big fish pics after this weekend.

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