January 23, 2014

One day to go

I'm leaving for Lake Havasu tomorrow afternoon! All of my tackle orders have been rolling in and I am ready to get down there. I hand tied about thirty jigs for this event in some of my old favorite colors Havasu (hint: round rubber), I hope that lasts us the whole week.  I'm bringing just about everything I can fit in my boat and truck because I do not want to end up not having something when I'm down there.  
The pile keeps growing
I spooled up 18 rods and reels this week with just about every type and pound test Seaguar makes, so I should be covered. I have about 30 new bags of Roboworms ready and piles of dropshot weights ready to be sacrificed to the desert rocks. From what I know about Havasu, the jerkbait bite should be on and that's great because I have some new Megabass jerkbaits to try out. 

A few new toys

Included are the X-80 TD Trick DarterVision 110+1, Deep X 200 crankbait and original Vision 110. These and all of my other jerkbaits should cover me for just about every situation.

If you can tell from this, I am prediciting a jig, drop-shot and jerkbait dominated event. I hope I am right, those are all among my favorite ways to fish.

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