March 21, 2016

Three New Phenix Rods for Spring Fishing

Each winter I add a few rods to my collection.  My latest three are from Phenix rods and I have a plan for each one of them.  I had the chance to use them last week and they are going to be great.

I have been looking for a new rod to throw tubes on.  In the past I used the same rod I use for drop shotting and it was ok, but I wanted a rod with a little more backbone.  I also plan to use this slightly heavier spinning rod for wacky-rigs and some light Texas-rigs.

I have it paired with my Shimano Sustain 2500 and it balances perfectly and also looks great.  I'll rig it with 20lb Seaguar Smackdown braid and 8-10lb Seaguar Tatsu leader.

Fiberglass Cranking Rod - Phenix Crankbait Casting Rod 7' Glass Red
I have always been a fan of fiberglass rods for cranking.  I do not use it for all of my cranking, but the 100% glass rods are great as they allow the rod to load up and not rip the trebles out from the mouth of fish.  This rod is very light for an all glass rod and has some great cosmetics on it as well.

I have it paired with a Abu Garcia Revo SX and 12lb test Seaguar InvizX right now and will be using it for my mid-depth cranks this season.

All-Around Baitcast Rod - Phenix M1 Casting Rod 7'2" Heavy
I love this rod!  It's a heavy action rod, but it is light enough that you can do just about everything with it.  I really like the M1 series, they are light and very sensitive.  I have been using it for swimjigs and ChatterBaits so far.

I have my Shimano Chornarch CI4+ with 15lb test Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon on it for now and the whole setup is very light.

All three of these setups should get plenty of use this year and so far I am happy with how they look and feel. I would recommend each of them if you need a rod for these techniques.
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