May 9, 2016

Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Rod Review

Did you know that Fenwick was the first rod brand to develop a technique specific rod? If you did then you are well aware of the history of this great brand.  If you didn’t, you are still probably very familiar with the Fenwick name.  I personally have owned several of their rods and just recently got my hands on one of the Elite Tech Bass series rods.

While not a technique specific rod, the 7’ medium action baitcast model that is shown above has served me well in the past few months.  Originally I decided it would be good for jerkbaits, but have since used it for several other applications and found it to be a good tool for many reaction baits. It’s also a fast action, which is awesome for reaction baits in my opinion.  The line and lure weight rating is pretty limited at just 3/8 oz. to 5/8 oz and 8-14lb line. I think this is fine, as these two ratings will cover just about all of the most common reaction baits you probably have in your box.

I immediately liked the feel of the rod.  The split grip design has taken over the bass world and I like it.  The difference here is the tacky feeling (called TAC) cork type material mixed with EVA foam instead of just all EVA or the standard cork most brands are using.  It has a nice look as well and felt good in my hands. 

When it came to actually fishing with it, it was a solid rod and I feel a true medium action.  It’s fairly light in both terms of weight and action and I would not really have much use for it besides jerkbaits, squarebills, topwaters, shallow crankbaits and spinnerbaits.  It could also work for light soft plastic usage and Senkos, but not for my fishing style. 

It has all of the features you should expect from a rod that retails for just under $150.  I especially liked the quality titanium frame guides, the handle I mentioned and the slightly different reel seat than you may be used to. 

Here is more info from Fenwick:

Re-engineered titanium frame guides with zirconium inserts deliver unmatched durability, while also helping reduce rod weight, and Fenwick’s hidden handle design is one of the most comfortable on the market. TAC inlays at key touch points also help keep your hands from rubbing against the reel seat threads, and won’t get slippery either in wet and rainy conditions. Lightweight, advanced, comfortable and stylish, don’t settle for average, be elite with the new Fenwick Elite Tech Bass Casting Rods.

Overall I was pretty pleased with this rod.  It’s suited me well for several techniques and already has a tournament big bass to it’s credit.  I caught a 5.91lb bass on it while using a crankbait not long ago and it handled it with ease.

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