November 11, 2016

Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig Review

There are so many good jigs on the market. When I’m picking one I usually decided based on a few factors: sizes offered, skirt type and color and price. I’m not really partial to any brand and use plenty of different ones to get the job done. A jig is a jig, right? That’s very true for most situations, but some specialty jigs deserve a place in your jig box. 

One that I have been using is the Strike King Tour Grade Skipping jig and I like it. It has all of the things I look for; a good hook, nice skirts and colors. The price is a little high at $4.79, but this jig is all quality. 

The real key here though is the head design. Like the name implies, this thing is meant to skip. It has a flat head design that helps it skip like a rock. I have found that it skips very well, but like anything else, its not going to immediately make you an awesome dock skipper if you have never done it. Most of the time, I have no problem skipping a regular jig. It’s hard for me to say this helps make it that much better. 

The other features of the jig are perfect though. My favorite part of the jig is the screw that helps to secure your plastic keeper. I have seen this on other jigs but that doesn’t make it less of an awesome idea. They keep the soft plastic trailer secure when skipping or pitching and it is very easy to use. I wish all jigs had this feature. 

Besides the head shape and screw, it features things you will see on just about every jig out there. A good weedguard, sharp hook, etc. I like the jig a lot and mostly just because of that trailer keeper. The flattened head design is also cool and may make you a better skipper, I just didn’t see it in my testing. It is definitely worth a recommendation. This jig has everything I look for in jigs.

It is available in both 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. and in a variety of good colors. Tackle Warehouse and other retailers are now carrying them.
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