November 6, 2013

A Review: Denali Michael Murphy Jerkbait Rod

I have been using the Denali Michael Murphy Jerkbait rod all year long and am ready to give my full review, I put it to the test and it held up well during a long season. I started fishing it in March and used it throughout the year with jerkbaits of different sizes and also experimented with different applications. 

What Makes a Good Jerkbait Rod?
Last winter I was searching for a new jerkbait rod. I wanted a rod with a soft tip for imparting action on the jerkbait but also with enough of a backbone to fight the fish. It really wasn't an easy process finding one as there are very few rods designed specifically for jerkbaits.

This rod had what I was looking for, a medium action with a soft tip is perfect. Another thing I liked about it was the size. In the past few years I have been finding myself buying longer and longer rods. 7 foot has almost become my new minimum size. This rod measures in a 6'8" and is actually pretty smart when you consider that with a jerkbait you are constantly "jerking" the rod down towards the water. Those few inches make a difference in your ability to work the bait without hitting the water every time, but it isn't enough to notice changes in your casting distance. Another nice feature of this rod is that the handle is a little shorter, which also helps with your action.

  • Model: S802JBC                
  • Length: 6' 8"
  • Action: Med
  • Flex: Mod
  • Guides: 8 + 1
  • Line Sizes: 8 - 14
  • Weight: 1/4 - 5/8
  • Handle Length: 9"

Denali Quality
I had heard about Denali Rods for a few years and have seen them up close at several different tackle shows, but this is actually the first Denali I have owned. They are light, sensitive and well-built. This particular rod retails for $189 and is right in line with a rod of this quality. One thing Denali does is use a wooden foregrip, which helps set them apart a bit and adds some style. The wood doesn't add any weight and really looks good. Overall, it is a solid rod.

Good enough to add pro Michael Murphy's name
Quality components and flawless construction
Wooden foregrips add style and comfort
It's prime jerkbait time in many parts of the country and if you are looking for a new rod for throwing your favorite jerkbait, this is your rod. Besides throwing jerkbaits, I have found it to be an excellent rod for throwing small poppers and even small crankbaits. Denali did a good job with this rod and I have no doubt their other rods are as good as this one is.

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